ETL504 Digital Literacy program implementation


You have developed a new digital literacy program that you believe needs to be used across the school. How will you communicate this program to your staff?

As the ‘Sender’ of this information, my goal would be to have this program implemented in such a way that it provides maximum benefit to the staff and students. I would keep this goal in mind as I worked towards the programs implementation.


Have the program vetted by the Principal: The principal is often busy, so the initial encoding of the program would need to be closer to a summary of the purpose, pros, cons, and major steps required in the implementation.

 Arrange a time for feedback to assess the principal’s reaction: If their feedback is positive give further details of the implementation process. If negative, calmly clarify and discuss issues and barriers to implementation, work collaboratively to find a next step forward. 

 Assuming the program gains approval from the principal:

 Request time with the heads of stages: Outline the program in a similarly concise fashion. Include information about the roles of stage heads and any necessary differentiation of the program between stages. Provide written/digital copies of the program and invite stage heads to provide feedback after considering the documents. Arrange a time to discuss feedback and make any necessary changes to the program.

 Arrange an appropriate time to present the program to the staff: If stage teachers have weekly planning meetings, these would be ideal times to outline the program as it would pertain to that stage. Failing this, arrange a time during a staff meeting to outline the program and address any concerns or questions. Help staff to understand the reasons for implementation and be open to insights and alternatives during this period.

 Present the program in a concise manner and answer any questions/address any issues related to the implementation: Staff may be concerned about any major changes, listen carefully to their concerns and address each one individually. Provide staff with more detailed information about the program, including their individual roles, in print/digital form to support the verbal presentation.

 Provide opportunities for ongoing feedback and support: Arrange time at staff meetings in the weeks following the implementation of the program where staff can provide feedback and raise any issues. Take concerns seriously and endeavour to solve any problems in order to keep the program running. 


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