Information? Isn’t that just stuff you get off Google?

As experts (Or would-be experts) in the field of information and resourcing we are often tempted to look at information in a rather sterile way, but I feel the pressing need to remind myself (and anyone reading) that EVERYTHING WE SEE OR EXPERIENCE IS INFORMATION. Every experience you have every day is informative, every little thing you do or see tells you more about the world you live in. The trend of mobile media, of instagram, twitter and the multitude of social tools is a response to people starting to believe that this information is worth sharing.

Informative experiences are coming out of people’s internal lives, and are being widely published on staggering scale. We are creating a new world, and populating it with day-to-day discoveries, revelations on every scale from the mundane to the miraculous, internal monologues, pronouncements, art, dreams and ambitions, personalities both alternate and honest, ever-updated opinions that run through all levels of intellect and experience and the entire gamut of human emotion and ALL of this, every skerrick, is information.

And we want to be information specialists?

Good luck…


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